I’m Over The McStay Case, How About You?

After today’s hearing, I think I am finally over the McStay case.

How about you?

The Anatomy of a Super Troll: Jason Parmelee

jasonBy Rick Baker

Many of us who have followed the McStay case from the beginning, have wondered why a man named Jason Parmelee, who lives in Murietta, CA, has forcefully inserted himself into the McStay case. He never knew the McStay family. He was not, and is not, an investigator, or involved with law enforcement in any way. He does not have any post-high school education in criminology, journalism, or any of the investigatative arts. In fact, it is doubtful that he even graduated from high school.

Publicly, he seems to have a happy family. A father of five, a beautiful wife who has a successful career with Home Depot in Murietta, and a nice home in the area. The American dream, some would say.

But, all is not as dreamy as it seems.

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Police Report Filed Because Trolls’ Threats

Following threats by Lynne Marquardt, Jason Parmelee and Sandra Jones, I have filed a report with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department, in Winston-Salem, NC.

The report number is: 2016-08503. If you have any information about comments that these three (or others) have made that threaten our dogs, my wife, or me personally, in any manner, please copy the comment and call the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department at (336) 727-2112. Give the dispatch deputy the case number and they will transfer you to the deputy in charge to provide your information. If you read a threatening comment on Jason’s blog, HERE (cuttingthebs.wordpress.com) or any other online forum, FB page or blog, anonymous or not, please copy the comment and contact the Forsyth County’s Sheriff’s Department at (336) 727-2112. Give them the case number, 2016-08503, and your information. If you wish to remain anon, please email me the comment at: rglennbaker@mac.com and I will forward it on.

The Sheriff’s Department doesn’t have time to monitor Jason’s blog, nor would I expect them too, so I need your help.

Thank you for your assistance.   Rick

Lynne Marquardt, Jason Parmelee and Sandra Jones Threaten To Kill Our Dogs, Harm My Wife

The online trolls who support Mike McStay have upped the ante over this case. Lynne Marquardt, Jason Parmelee and Sandra Jones have threatened to send someone to kill our dogs and harm my wife.

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Why Did Joey Share Same Phone Number and Address With This Guy?

One of our investigators found this. Read the article here.


Lyin’ Cops Keep Getting Outed In The McStay Case

Will the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and the San Bernardino Department detectives go the way of Mark Fuhrman?

Mark Fuhrman who was convicted of felony perjury (later expunged) and had to quit the LAPD for his testilying on the stand during the OJ trial.

There was a whole lot of testilying going on at the Chase Merritt pretrial and the probable cause warrants. Consider:

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Quickbooks is Biggest Mistake DA and LE Have Made in Charging Merritt

From an investigator:

Of all the things the DA said Chase did that makes him guilty, I always put the quickbooks as a big mistake that the over-zealous Sheriff made without really looking into it. He ran with that ball and its going to blow up in his face.

What are people thinking, that Chase just dusted off his HP printer, plugged in the USB, used Joseph’s password that was something like JOSEPH69, filled in the checks and printed them on standard white print paper?

Has anyone ever looked into Quickbooks to see exactly what it takes to write and print checks? It is a complicated deal. First Intuit makes you use a some super long and complicated password, no exceptions. it had to be given to Chase period.

Besides, the is a major problem with the whole set-up that Chase had to go through to be able to print those checks. The checks had to be written on BLANK CHECK STOCK. Checks you order just like the old days. You insert the blank check that is made from microchromatic paper that has everything already printed on it like check number and routing number.

So Chase said Joseph came out to Rancho to give him checks right?

Well that is exactly what he did and Chase used them to print checks to pay himself and to pay David from Metro sheet metal.  These bungling law enforcement “investigators” are driving me nuts.

The Count: The DA Is Hiding Something.

Good article on the case, worth reading again.

The matter of the People vs. Charles Merritt is back in the public consciousness with a vengeance once again, pointing up, as I have pointed out previously, a real problem with the secretiveness of the district attorney’s office. At issue is the incomplete information available to an alarmed and very curious public, information that cuts right to the heart of this case and will establish whether Mr. Merritt is the demon prosecutors allege him to be or whether an innocent man is being unfairly maligned. At stake is the credibility of the prosecutor’s office, whether its attorneys can be trusted.  Continue Reading…

One Reader’s Theory on The McStay Murders: Mike McStay Did It

Hey Rick,
My theory: Mike premeditated the murder of his brother months before. He knew about the Saudi client deal for months and knew it would close but estimated the close of the deal would occur a bit sooner than the deal actually closed.

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Who Will, Will Not, Be On McStay Trial Witness List?



Most criminal prosecutions do not have DNA, fingerprint, or video evidence. Most cases come down to “He said, She said.”

In criminal prosecutions, the main witnesses are generally law enforcment who investigated the case. Juries tend to believe what law enforcement tells them, even though many officers are not trustworthy. The problem is they can’t have the San Bernardino detectives say that the San Diego detectives  wrote in a report that “This person said this and that person said that.” San Diego detectives can say this and that, but it has to be corroborated. Nothing of the sort was corroborated at prelim.

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What Was Mike McStay Driving On February 4, 2010?

From one of our investigators…


Why Has No One Challenged Dugal’s “Latent Fingerprints” Testimony?

fingerprintsIt is alleged that the Trooper went with all the other evidence to the FBI, evidence that they apparently never looked at. Where is this mystery FBI location that took the case? In San Diego or is it Utah?
But what its really important here and missed by most is Dugal’s “Latent fingerprint” testimony. Det. Dugal said the “evidence showed 100 percent that Joseph and Summer drove the Trooper to the border.” This is simply a lie. A latent fingerprint could never prove that Joey and Summer drove the Trooper to the border. Why has this not been challenged?

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McStay Prosecutor Claim “Killed In The House” Now Falling Apart

futon-2We know that SB want us to believe that they were killed in the home because the futon cover is missing and Joseph was wrapped in the futon cover right?
This is not true.
And this is why: The warrant stated that the futon had “No cover and 3 pillows were missing out of 4 and the cover was missing from the one pillow.” They made this claim as a result of looking at pictures from the house search warrant.

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SBC Deputy DA Sean Daugherty Should Have Dropped Case Long Ago

Sean Daugherty should be ashamed of himself.

Just a quick glance over the McStay murder case against Chase Merritt shows that he doesn’t really have a case at all.

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UPDATED: Where Are The FBI Reports? Why Does FBI Continue To Lie? Why The “Per Se”?

Update: We know that the FBI had all the evidence from the SDSD turned over to them. We don’t know when, but was probably April of 2013. So now, the most important piece of evidence they say is Jennifer’s home video. Why the “Per Se?”  
 Q During the course of the investigation, did you speak with a Detective Liabach from San Diego County?
A I did.
  Q And who is he ?

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McStay Case Falling Apart: No DNA Evidence Will Be Introduced At Trial

There won’t be any DNA evidence introduced at trial because the prosecution didn’t know that the DNA taken was a “Collective Swab.” This means that Chase’s “minor” DNA could have come from the radio knob and can no longer prove that Merritt ever drove the Trooper.

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DA “Off The Mark” on Quickbook Checks

Hi Rick-

This quickbooks thing has been bothering me for a long time, so I thought I would just put it out there and see if you get where I am coming from with this.


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Sheriff’s Report Filed, I Need Your Help (Added to menu bar)

Following threats by Lynne Marquardt, Jason Parmelee and Sandra Jones, I have filed a report with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department, in Winston-Salem, NC.

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Rick Baker: LPR Data Can Prove Whereabouts of Merritt, Joey McStay and Mike McStay on February 4, 2010

slpd-lpr1_webAs the Chase Merritt murder trial draws closer to getting underway, two of the key pieces of circumstantial evidence the district attorney will present to make their case are risky at best. Their claim that it was Merritt’s truck captured on a neighbor’s surveillance video leaving the McStay house on Thursday night, February 4, the night the state claims he murdered the family in their home, and Merritt’s cell phone pings that were recorded near the gravesite on Saturday, February 6. Much of their case hinges on their claim that he was at the McStay home at 8:04pm on the February 4, and buried the family at the gravesite on February 6.

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4,000 Comments Deleted

Comments are back on for most posts. I have permanently deleted over 4,000 comments to protect all those who posted here. (WordPress software only allows you to delete 20 at a time, so took a while) Many had used their real email address and their privacy was my concern. Going forward, please do not post your real email address. The blog is safe and encrypted now, so we move on!

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My Wife, My Hero!

img_0991This was taken about a charity Pro-Am at Salem Glen Golf Club in Clemmons on Saturday, Sept. 10.

My wife, Becky, is my only true hero.

She has, and is, fighting stage IV breast cancer on a daily basis. It has been almost three years since she was diagnosed and given just a few months to live.

I cherish every day that I have with her and look forward to the day when she is healed completely of this evil disease!

High Speed Train Going Right Over Gravesite?

high-corridor(From a reader) “Looks like a high speed commuter train is going in very soon in Victorville, everything has been approved and ready to go.

You are not going to believe this.

Out of that massive desert that train is going right over the gravesite. I don’t know but I wouldn’t want to take a train everyday that goes over those graves. Seems not right or something…”

Troll Alert: Sandra Jones Still Angry I Rebuffed Her Romantic Advances?

I feel sorry for Sandra. Ever since her brother died, she has gone off the very deep end, and now risks doing serious damage to what is left of her reputation. As long as she continues to post her libel, she continues her slide into oblivion. Many have wondered why she has turned against us here, when she was once one of our greatest assets. Well, Sandra has not been the same since I rebuffed her romantic advances a few years ago. She knew I was happily married and I told her so many, many times, but that didn’t seem to matter to her.

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Trooper California License 3TAE045

Why am I posting this? In case you have access to the LPR database. Run the plate. Be prepared to be surprised.